Every business should have a Google Business Listing and Facebook Business Page by now. The next step after getting these pages up and running is filling them with as many reviews as you can. 

It’s an obvious correlation that the more people you invite to leave a review, the more reviews you’ll receive. That’s why having an easy system for your employees to get them is vital to your review generation success.

You can reward your employees either by the number of people they invite to review, or the number of reviews they receive. Without a review generation company like 2 Step Reviews, tracking this may seem impossible. However, you should be able to track reviews if the employee gets their name mentioned, or if you can match which employee saw which customer using your internal system.

It’s certainly better to reward employees after generating a certain number of reviews because if they send out 100 invites and receive zero, they’re clearly doing something wrong.

Increased Demand For Consumer Created Content Means You Need More Reviews.

Because your customers want to see them. The internet is becoming more and more consumer-friendly, meaning it’s moving toward consumer content over business content.

Not too long ago, before reviews were big, consumers would find a business from Google’s search results and judge them based on their website’s content. In this day and age, consumers are able to read about past customer experiences and even see real before and after photos. 

Consumer content is becoming more and more what people seek because they trust the opinions of previous customers over the fluff that’s on a business’s website or social media postings. Obviously, a business won’t flaunt their flaws, which consumer reviews will. Today, your business is expected to be the best quality and to complete the job you’ve agreed to do. If it doesn’t, why are you in business?

The bulk of this consumer-created content is in the form of reviews. That’s why generating new and fresh reviews is becoming increasingly important for your business.

So your telling me 89% of buyers are influenced by reviews, and you're doing nothing to get more? meme

Employee Generated Reviews

As a business owner, it’s not your job to go out and get reviews for your business. It is, however, your job to implement a system and train your employees to generate these reviews.

As an employee, you should understand that the business you’re working for needs to do well in order for you to keep your job (and possibly get a raise). That should be enough to encourage them to get more Google reviews, but a lot of the time it isn’t.

That’s why giving a little nudge to these employees will benefit your business as a whole. Rewarding your employees for a certain number of reviews has proven to be extremely beneficial for many different industries. Putting a simple incentive in play like a $25 Amazon gift card can go a long way, and will make employees really hustle to gather as many reviews as they can. Plus, it’s nice to reward your employees for doing a good job.

If you’re giving a $25 gift card for every 10 reviews, your only paying $2.50 per review. That’s a lot better than trying to buy reviews from somewhere sketchy that will likely penalize your listing anyways. 

2 Step Reviews Leaderboard

2 Step Reviews tracks how many reviews each employee sends and receives from their account and filters them into our leaderboard. This leaderboard will show your best performers in the desired timeframe. It makes it easy to identify who’s sending review requests out but not receiving any, or who is not sending any invitations at all. This way, you can work with employees who need help.

Considering 2 Step Reviews tracks all of your employee’s reviews in our Leaderboard (you can also try doing this by hand) you can make a competition out of who’s getting the most reviews. Something like a $100 bonus every month will encourage your underperforming employees to be better than whoever’s getting the most reviews for your business. A little friendly competition is always good for employee incentives.

When you’re employees have a reward in place for generating reviews, there’s no doubt that they will perform better. Now you just need to train them how to ask for reviews without being too pushy or sounding desperate.