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92% of customers say they trust other customer’s feedback more than paid advertisements and sponsored posts.

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Customers search online everyday for products and services

In fact, 95% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase.


How your customers rate you is important, but not everyone takes the time to write a review, even after a great experience.

But, did you know 7 in 10 customers will leave a review if asked!

Increase Sales

2 Step Reviews makes it easy for you to get more 5 star online reviews

2 Step offers a platform for customers to review their experience with you, and allows you to measure the results.


We’ve created an easy way  for you  to ask for the review, capture it, and post it to the right sources for your future customers to see!

Increase Sales


Do you want to increase your sales? Get more 5 star online reviews for your business.

More positive online reviews means more customers and increased sales.

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