Getting customers to leave you a review on Google can seem like pulling teeth, but it doesn’t have to be. What you need is a system, and luckily for you, our guide only requires you to follow 2 steps to get Google reviews. They are:

  1. Ask as many customers as possible
  2. Make it easy for them to do it

Before we break each of these steps down, let me first take a moment to acknowledge you. Considering you’re reading this, you must understand the importance of online reviews, especially those on your Google page. Statistics show online reviews are a key factor for whether or not a potential customer does business with you or not. 

More and more companies are coming to realize the power of online reviews, some argue they’re more important than their website. Consumers will continue to turn to this content before anything else to determine the quality of businesses. They respect the opinions of your past customers and trust them as the most authentic representation of your company. If you have poor reviews, or just not as much as other companies around you, chances are you are losing a lot of potential business. 

So you know you need them, let’s get into how to get these Google reviews that make your business shine.

Step 1: Get More Reviews By Asking For More

It should come to no surprise that the more people you ask, the more reviews you will receive.

They say that 7 out of 10 people will say yes when asked to leave a review, but our data has shown around 35-40% of people actually follow through with it. 

With 2 Step, you can be getting more reviews every day.

Don’t let this number discourage you, it definitely fluctuates based on industries and is still a good conversion rate if you’re asking enough customers. 

Asking for reviews should be a part of every employees daily routine. Finding the sweet spot on when to ask is something you as the business owner should educate them on.

Asking the right way gets you more

In the past, knowing how to ask for a review may have been something you dreaded but knew you had to do. How you ask the customer to leave a review will go a long way, and sticking to a script will make it more and more natural for you.

Our advice, just be honest with them. When you’re asking for the review, let them know how much you’d appreciate it and how it would really help the business a lot. They should understand this indefinitely considering most of them probably read your business’s reviews before doing business with you. 

If you’re an employee working for someone, let the customer know that if they mention your name it will look really good to your boss as well. 

Here’s a simple script that almost any industry can use to get more Google reviews: 

Employee: “Alright we’re all done here, is there anything else I can do for you?” 

Customer: “No that is all, thank you so much”

Employee: “Great! Hey, if you wouldn’t mind taking a minute to leave me a review I’d really appreciate it. It’ll help the business out a lot and if you mention my name it will look great for me to my boss.”

The common response to this from a happy customer is something on the lines of: “Absolutely! How and where should I do it?” 

Which leads us into Step 2 of the 2 steps to get Google Reviews…

Step 2: Making It Easy For Customers To Leave Reviews

When a customer agrees to leave you a review, you want to capture that review right then and there.

If you’re just going to rely on them taking the time later that night to search for your business and figuring out how to write a Google review in their free time, you’re not going to be very successful.

You need a solution that gets the customer straight to where they can leave a review, quickly and easily. Since practically everyone has a smartphone nowadays, this is highly possible.

Our solution, 2 Step Reviews, sends a link straight to the customer’s phone via text message. All the customer has to do is click the link, select they want to leave the review on Google, and type the review in the popup input box.

This seamless process makes up for a lot of lost reviews in the past. It makes it so easy for the customer, that it’s almost rude to say no. 

Google Reviews With 2 Step Reviews on Phone

Other Review Generation Solutions

The big secret in review generation is bridging the gap between your customers and your review page.

Texting is a clear winner in terms of getting the most reviews from customers, but if for some reason you don’t want to do that there are a few other options.


If you have your customers email, you can send out an email request after you have serviced them. Some companies like to blast out all there review requests at once at the end of the day.

We’ve seen that this isn’t the best way to do things, mostly because emails sometimes go unnoticed. Another reason is that it’s not entirely personal nor at the best time. The best time to get the person to leave a review is right after the service is completed. If you email the request, they may not see it until the next day.


Our company originated from using postcards before switching to texting.

What we did, was have a big postcard that said something on the lines of “We’d Love If You Left Us A Review”, and had a link for them to go to (i.e.

Review Generation Postcard

When the customer goes to the website, they were faced with the same type of landing page where they can select to go to your Google Page or Facebook Page to leave their review.

If you have a technical employee, they can also have this custom URL redirect to your Google page if you strictly want Google reviews.

Postcards work great because it does the same thing text requests do, which is putting the path to your review page in the customer’s hand. Although not as great as texting, we did see great success rates with this strategy.

Guide Them Through Yourself

This is strongly advised against, but it’s something that some of you may want to try. If the customer agrees to leave you a review, you can ask to search and find your company’s review page from their phone. Then they can go ahead and type their review.

The reason I advise against this is because it can definitely get a little awkward. Whether it’s you typing or them, no one likes to have someone watching over their shoulder as they search for something.

My best advice, if you’re going to do this, is to take the phone yourself, find your companies Google page and give the phone back to them. Don’t hover around waiting for them to leave a review, you don’t want to come across too pushy.

Although texting this info straight to them is far easier, this is likely to help you get more Google reviews as you are manually taking out the friction to find your Google Business Page yourself.

Get a link to your review page: 

If you’re using a text, postcard, or email, you’ll want to have the correct link that takes the customer right to the page where they select the (hopefully) 5 Stars and can type out there review. To do this, you’ll need your direct review link.

Go to and enter your business name in the appropriate field. If it doesn’t auto-populate find your business on Google Maps and use the decoding option on Reviews Maker. When you hit submit, you’ll find your link about halfway down the page. It will be under “Direct Review URL”. That will be the link you want to send to your customers. This combination of simplicity for both the employees and customers has brought our customer’s amazing success in acquiring more positive reviews.

Review Us On Google

Be sure to follow Google’s guidelines for getting reviews:

You can go ahead and read Google’s Guidelines for local reviews, or you can just take my summarized advice. The #1 way to not break any of Google’s rules, is to not do anything you know feels wrong!

If you find yourself paying for Google business reviews and Google finds out, you’ll be penalized. If you are creating new Gmail accounts to leave fake reviews on your business listing and Google figures out that they’re all from the same IP, penalized. If you have friends and family outside of your service area or hire people on Upwork in countries like India or Nigeria and Google finds out these reviews are irrelevant based on location, penalized.

Bottom line is, Google wants the best, most authentic service it can deliver to its users (they’re a business too, you know). If business pages are being flooded with fake reviews, it’s their duty to figure out a solution to put the practice to rest.

Get more reviews on Google today

Now you know our not-so secret 2 steps to get Google reviews, it’s time to take action.

If you like what we’ve said about our 2 Step Reviews app, I encourage you to click here to schedule a demo. We’ll show you all the cool features we have from sending review requests to our review leaderboard.

No matter what, as long as you know you need reviews to stay relevant and get new business and are doing anything to get more, you’re on the right path!

Best of luck on your review journey! Just remember, if you think you have “enough” reviews, you’re playing yourself!